Before Retool, our co-founders tried to build a Venmo competitor but failed to reach product-market fit.

While their first product didn't work out, they came away with an important lesson: great internal tooling can help startup founders fill early product gaps and speed up manual work. The only issue was that building these tools was too slow and repetitive. So they decided to build a better solution.

Today, Retool helps thousands of startups like Brex and DoorDash build custom internal tools without wasting time on redundant work. Retool helps early-stage teams operate fast without all the restrictions that come with spreadsheets, SaaS tools, or manual workarounds.

We believe great tooling can help startups focus on building better products. That's why we're excited to announce that Retool is now free for early-stage startups. Get your free credits now →

Introducing Retool for Startups

It's easy to solve less critical work with out-of-the-box tools. But what about the internal tools that are core to your business? We see a lot of technical founders and engineers spend a lot of time building (and rebuilding) the same tools:

But building from scratch can take weeks, and distracts your team from focusing on your core product.

Retool gives technical founders a head start. You can use pre-built UI components, database integrations, APIs, and advanced features (like access control) to create any CRUD app, dashboard, or tool you want. It enables your team to solve problems fast and get back to building your core product.

Retool for Startups gives early-stage startups up to 12 months of free access to the advanced features on our Startup and Pro plans (up to $1200 total value).

We also know that great internal tooling requires the right stack, so we've partnered with AWS, MongoDB, Segment, and more to give you powerful options at the best possible price—totaling over $160,000 in software discounts.

We first adopted Retool to build out our internal tools for customer success at, but we soon discovered lots of other use cases for it: internal company-wide demos, quick product mock-ups, and ad-hoc data analysis.

We now consider Retool a core part of our software stack. Thanks to Retool’s startup credits, we can maximize our time on our most important company objectives. It’s an absolute win-win for everyone!

Firas Abuzaid, co-founder and CTO at

Who counts as an early-stage startup?

Our early-stage discounts are available to startups that meet both of the following criteria:

  • Launched less than 5 years ago
  • Raised less than $10M in funding

Not sure if you qualify? Apply anyways. If you are affiliated with any of the venture funds or accelerators below, you can also reach out to them directly to receive an exclusive referral code for even more Retool credits on top of our standard deal:

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Techstars
  • Antler
  • Y Combinator

Don’t see your venture fund or accelerator? Tell them to apply to be a Retool Startup Partner here.

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