We’re excited to share some major updates to our free plan: developers and teams of up to 5 can now build unlimited Retool apps—all without paying a single dollar. To get started, read about the details below or check out our Pricing page.

Small teams need powerful internal tools

Retool helps teams of all sizes operate better. Plum, for example, is a startup that helps users submit insurance claims through familiar messaging apps like WhatsApp. They’ve built most of their back office systems on Retool—managing users, submitting claims—and have been able to scale to handling hundreds of claims at a time as a small team.

William Fahy, a paramedic and developer, uses Retool apps to run internal operations for a life-saving AED finder app in Ireland. The app serves as a public resource for locating automated external defibrillators (AED’s, medical devices to treat cardiac arrest), and Fahey runs analytics and has handled 3,200+ community submissions in Retool––all as a team of one.

To enable many more teams like these to build internal tools sooner, we’ve decided to make our free plan much more powerful so that more developers can choose to build in Retool without price being a barrier. Whether you’re building a startup or exploring a passion project, our free plan now includes everything you need to build apps without limits:

  • Unlimited apps and collaboration with up to 5 users. Build, edit, deploy, and share all the apps you or your team needs.
  • The largest UI component library for internal tools. Don’t waste time searching through React libraries or building buttons or error handling from scratch. Retool offers 90+ components (e.g. forms, charts, tables, etc) that come with built-in validation, accessibility and much more. Just drag and drop to build whatever interface you need.
  • Connect apps to any database or API. Retool connects to nearly anything with a REST or GraphQL API. We’ve built durable integrations for popular datastores, like PostgreSQL or MongoDB so you don’t have to.
  • Save, share, and reuse queries. With Retool, you can use and reuse everything—including the queries that power your apps. We offer a query library so the team can work from one place for all custom logic.
  • Bring your own React components. You can extend Retool to fit your business. Need a component we don’t offer? Create your own.
  • Store and edit your app's data in a Retool-hosted PostgreSQL database. It requires no setup time, and you can manage your data using an intuitive spreadsheet interface.

Get started

Retool is built to grow with your team. For our existing customers, the new free plan is a big upgrade (and there’s no action required to activate—look out for an email from our team).

As your team scales, things like access controls, theming, environments, and branch-based workflows will likely become more important. We’ll meet you where you are with our Team, Business, and Enterprise plans—and we’ve expanded the trial period from 14 to 30 days to give you more time to build and test. If you’re a startup, you can apply for up to a year of free access to our paid plans (and get $200K+ in discounts and credits from our partners).

We’re looking forward to seeing the apps you build with Retool. Get started today!